Whats up people this SPC. Burger of the 10th Mountain Division currently deployed in Afghanistan. I'm about as big a fan as any of you. It's kind of sad that the hardest adaptation I've had to make is the slow internet speed, i'm talking 2-4 kb/s. I cant download a single fansub episode to save my life.

I'm looking for someone willing to support a fellow anime fan and soldier in getting his fix while deployed for 11 more months. I was keeping up on the following series until I left earlier in February, So I pretty muchh need anything fron March 1st and on. Here are the series I was currently watching at the time:

Naruto, Bleach, Blood+, Karin, Solty Rei

Also if anyone has the newest episodes (since March 1st) of:
Mushishi, Law of Ueki, Noein, XXXholic, Monster, and any other New series like ergoproxy or anything else that starts in the future I would appreciatte them.

These will probably have to be sent on a dvd format , and I guess I'm asking for a donation of services and shipping fees. But if anyone is willing and/or interested in sponsoring this otaku soldier regardless you can e-mail me at
[email protected] for further details on where to send it in Afghanistan.
Spc. Burger