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Thread: Some Animes To Liked

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    Angry Some Animes To Liked

    Do you have an anime series that's loved by everybody you know or everybody who watches anime you know, thinks it's the best thing ever, and you think its either okay or bad. There are so many series in America that everybody loves, which makes the series shit to me to begin with and then when I watch it, it's okay. Examples Naruto way to liked its a good decent series but it's way to liked in America and Japan same with Bleach ( 2nd and 3rd seasons are the only ones worth watching), DeathNote (good not great), and InuYasha (good the first two seasons) . In America nobody watches animes like Golden Boy, Gantz, Hikaru no Go, lots haven't even seen Neon Gensis Evangelion, (the best anime in the world) the list goes on. The question is, is there an anime or animes that are way to big in your country or anywhere else you think, post it here and wether you like it or not.

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    Re: Some Animes To Liked

    Normally, I'd close a thread like this under the Favorite thread violation, but I'm not going to do that... but instead, I'm going to close it because its just a wall of text.

    Please take the time to use proper grammar (the use of punctuation, spelling and sentence/paragraph structure) to make reading easier.

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