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Thread: Symbolism in Anime

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    Symbolism in Anime

    I made this simply because i love Imagery and Symbolism in anything. But anime is so rich in it i finally made a thread.

    here are my favorites:

    Revolutionary Girl Utena: Lordy Lordy, where to begin? Roses, Swords, Freudian concepts, Herman Hesse's Damien, Buddhist and Hindu Metaphysics, Incest, Homosexuality, Cars, Sexual Revolution, and more. i nearly exploded because of how much this impacted me.

    Akira: Again, concepts of Life, Death and Revolution. a very common, and very complicated pic for anime. This and Utena make you pay attention to each little word and action of the characters.

    Cowboy Bebop: This is a feast for the eyes and ears. 'Ballad of Fallen Angels' is especially rich in detail.

    What are some more animes? These are just my top three.

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    Re: Symbolism in Anime

    Eva + Rahxephon = total mind f###s

    I mean just watching these two shows could take years to fully see how each symbol was used to explain the story and to get an idea of what these shows were talking about.

    Paranoia Agent was another show that used images and symbols to talk about the show, When they Cry is another, FLCL, etc.

    the sky is the limit, I could say what each show I showed here meant to me, but that would take the fun out of those who have never seen these shows because they will expect to see these thoughts when they view a show, that is why when I watch a show or even re-watch a show it is fun to pick up on a image that I over looked or a symbol that I did not see before, but since I have seen it in other anime it is easy for me to see these and gain a new perspective that I previously didn't have before I saw that show, that is why I like watching anime because you can get a different meaning to a show or rather a better understanding of what is being told to you in the story thur those symbols and images.

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