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Thread: The Tale of Genji Gets Anime

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    The Tale of Genji Gets Anime

    What some believe to be the very first novel ever created, "A Tale of Genji" will have its own anime, though the release date is unknown. It is to celebrate the supposed 1,000th Year Anniversery.

    Dezaki's The Tale of Genji Anime to Debut in January - Anime News Network

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    Re: The Tale of Genji Gets Anime

    Ooo!! I'm kind of excited to see how this will turn out... I'm actually reading the book at the moment (so... long... ;_, so perfect timing, ne? haha Hopefully I'll have finished the book by the time it comes out...

    One of the things I'm wondering, though, is how long each episode/how many episodes there will be if they plan on encompassing the whole novel... Or, more likely, what parts they'll pick and choose! haha
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    Thank you Equinn!! ^-^

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