I dont kno about many others, but I started my anime collection back in the 90's Buying tape after tape or if one of my friends had it i would make a copy of it. After having countless number of tapes, DVDs came out. To tell the truth I was a little just for the fact I knew I would have to switch over to DVDs if I wanted to stay current w' the times. Even when the DVD player came out, I was still buying VHS because I was being cheap and then I realized I was spending more money just to replace the new VHS I bought instead of just buying it on DVD. But I'm glad they did come out with the DVD just cause I save more with it then I did with the tapes (my closet was full of tapes and it wasn't even half of my collection). It took me awhile to get my all of the tapes I have onto DVD but I getting there and also I use ebay as if its my religion. I was just wandering if anybody else went through this or was it smooth sailing for there collection.