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Thread: Touhou: Musou Kakyou

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    Touhou: Musou Kakyou


    The dōjin (self-published works) circle Maikaze will be selling the first DVD episode of its Touhou Anime Project at the Comic Market (Comiket) 75 convention at the end of this month in Tokyo. The "Musō Kakyō" anime episode adapts the characters from the popular Touhou Project shooter game series. One developer, ZUN, has been creating these games all by himself, and they have already spawned official manga. The limited initial edition of the anime DVD will include a soundtrack CD, a full-color art collection, postcard(s), and other items in a deluxe box. Pre-ordered copies will include a script with reproductions of the voice cast's signatures. The official website for the project will launch on December 15.


    Touhou Anime Due, with All Star Seiyuu Cast | Sankaku Complex

    Own comments

    Anyone have any thought about this anime? It seem interesting thought.

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    Re: Touhou: Musou Kakyou

    I LOVE the touhou series (if you can't tell my by recent sigs... ^^\) and already plan to buy/watch this ASAP.

    But what’s REALLY great : For a supposed doujin anime, they managed to get the SEIYUUS. Mai Nakahara as Reimu is damn unexpected for one. Rie Tanaka being Sakuya Izayoi is kind of understandable given her role as Suigintou in Rozen Maiden before. And with it, Touhou might go commercial. But whether it is a good news or not is still depending on how it will turn out in the end. But with the upcoming release of it - going to Comiket might worth SOMETHING after all!

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