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X is probably my favorite. I don't know why really and its not like I keep going back to watch it. I don't watch many anime movies, most TV series.

X is beautifully made in my opinion. Theres a real love and despair put into it. It made me longing and hating it, and seeing things in a new light it seems. Probably why I can't escape anime, made me fearful and appreciate those around me more. My brother for instance. A hate and distance was brewing between us and if it wasn't stopped and recovered, there wouldn't be hope.

Like I said though, I don't watch many anime movies and I have only seen X once, but its left a dent. Very powerful and emotional that one.

wow it sounds like this anime really left a lasting impresstion on u and thats the beauty of anime it pulls u into a world that makes u evaluateTings in ur life. and i think that is tottaly wicked