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Thread: The ultimate fight

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    The ultimate fight

    Which anime character vs which anime character would make the best fight in of all time example goku (the heist level) vs ichigo (the heist level) any other suggestions

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    Re: The ultimate fight

    un i have one Goku Super sayien 4 and Ichigo Halo form!
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    Re: The ultimate fight

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    In both cases, Goku can simply blow up the planet with a Spirit Bomb, end of story...

    These are examples on why trying compare heroes and villains from different series don't work. Without a common background that defines what a character can and can't do, the argument boils do to 'He can'/'He can't' arguments...

    Besides, the middle school girl Lain Iwakura from 'Serial Experiment Lain' can beat any Anime character...

    Low quality thread... Closing...
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