I recently just finished a anime called Puella Magi Madoka Magica and made by Magica Quartet, is a familar author with magic theme!
There are only 12 episode in this anime but the author really created a amazing world of magic girl! Which is known to all, the topic about magic girl are always perfect and warm,magic girls fight with something to protect our peace world. But this one give us a totally different axiology about those topic.
The main character called Kaname Madoka and she has many friends and antecessor,actually there are all trying to protect this girl from to be a magic girl,and in the last two episode,Kaname Madoka become a magic finally then save her partner and the universe by the power of Tera Items but sacrifice herself.And no one will remember once there is a girl called Kaname Madoka.
Actually I think this story is a tragedy and also give us a new axiology about friendship and love of ones families. In a word, this is a fantastic anime!!