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Thread: What is cosplay?

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    Post What is cosplay?

    What really is it? what really makes it fun to do? How many of you have done it? where are there conventions? What is the biggest anime that makes you want to do cosplay? are there any great tips to cosplay?

    answers these questions and say what you think!

    i have never done it since i saw no point in it. there seems to me to be no reason to dress up as make blieve characters....okay some of them are really cute with great costumes/clothes and would love to have them, but i'd never dress up as one.

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    Re: What is cosplay?

    its costplay i beleave and what it is is a anime fan dressing up as their favorite anime charactor and acting as that one mostly with friends or family and having a good time doing it. people mostly do it to live the fantasy of being their dream anime charactor theres not much more to it than that:P
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