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Thread: What kind of content are you interested in?

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    Want to know about Anime & Manga more? Then please take this survey and tell me what contents you wanna watch!!

    Anime Questionnaire Survey

    I'm doing an internship at a Japanese TV station, and we're currently looking for online on-demand contents including Anime and other anime-related contents like anime creator interviews or voice actor interviews! If you're passionate about Anime or other Japanese culture, please take a moment to help us find out what kind of content you guys are interested in. Your opinion is critical to the improvement of our service as well as your happy anime life!

    This questionnaire consists of super-easy 10 questions and would take no more than five minutes to complete. If you have friends who are also interested in Japanese Anime, Manga, Game, etc., I'd really appreciate it if you'd ask them to take this questionnaire!*

    Thank you so much for your time and support. If you'd like to provide any comments to me directly, please feel free to contact me at japanime2010(at)gmail.com.


    To those who took my survey,

    Thank you soooooo much for taking it and telling me your interesting thoughts. You guys are AWESOME!! I really appreciate you guys and I’ll do my best to make your ideas real! Amazingly, hundreds of participants from over 30 countries took my survey! Yay!! Arigato!! Dai suki!!

    To those who has not taken it yet,

    If you love anime/ manga/ other Japanese pop culture, please help me find out what contents you guys are interested in. We’re targeting not only Japanese but also people in other countries --- just like you! Most of our contents will be subtitled in English so that you can understand it Tell me whatever you think. I’d really appreciate it if you’d tell me how much you love anime!

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    I’m still taking the survey, but lemme tell you what people said so far.

    The fields people are interested in

    Anime (96%)
    Manga (80%)
    Game (62%)
    Music (62%)

    The genres people love

    Comedy (89%)
    Adventure (76%)
    Action (75%)
    3. Romance (75%)

    Other: Supernatural, Slice-of-Life, Psychological, School Life, Historical, Magic

    The contents people want to watch

    Anime (94%)
    Anime Recommendations (60%)
    Anime Making (45%)
    3. Japanese Lessons (45%)

    The factors that influence people’s choices of anime

    Story (79% said it’s very important)
    Picture Quality (40%)
    Voice Actors (27%)

    How likely people want to watch a pay TV content

    38% said “depends on the contents”
    25% said “not likely”
    24% said “not at all”

    And 43% answered they can pay US$1.00 ~ US$2.99

    To those who told me you want to watch more “Ecchi,” “Yaoi,” “Yuri” and such,

    Thanks a lot for answering honestly lol, but according to our company ethic code, we can’t broadcast these kinds of contents... Sorry! Hope you’ll find a great website where you can enjoy those!

    And To those who answered in great detail,

    Thanks a lot for telling me your ideas!! I’ve read all of them. If my boss doesn’t pick up your idea, I’ll personally ask them your questions (maybe I can email them or send a letter) and post their answers when I get a reply!
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