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Thread: What are you willing to do to save anime?

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    What are you willing to do to save anime?

    Sales of Anime are going down and the business is dying. I'm trying to find out what anime fans are willing to do about it. Please go here and answer the question as truthfully as you can, so we have exact results:
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    Re: What are you willing to do to save anime?

    I don't think animation as a medium is any danger of dying.

    As long as there is an audience: there will be someone looking to make money by giving them what they want.

    Some COMPANIES are definately going to tank... but while the contraction of the current translated anime industry is certain to affect the QUANTITY of anime available domestically: it's actually VERY likely that it will affect QUALITY for the better.

    ie. you'll still be getting most of the "good" stuff... but you may not end up with access to every single moe adaptation of a porno game, magical girl series or boy-collects-fighting-animals/cards/dolls show.

    A survey isn't going to do a damn thing. If you want the industry to do well: stop pirating anime off of Youtube and bittorrent and start buying it domestically.

    And seeing as you have only two posts -- I don't think any of our members should be pm-ing you for super-secret links to participate in "Save Anime" movements.

    It's fine if you want to discuss the topic-- but not to recruit members to your cause with only 2 posts :/


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