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Thread: Whats better Manga or Anime {Must say why}

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    Re: Whats better Manga or Anime {Must say why}

    Quote Originally Posted by glendztem View Post
    i really believe manga is much better than anime, coz im more of a details person! everything is detailed when it comes to manga (i mean the story and stuffs), when it comes to anime, they cut most of the cool or somewhat important backgrounds of the story... like in naruto, they still havent shown the kakashi gaiden... although, some of the filler ep are pretty gud, like in bleach, i like the filler ep they had there.. but yeah, id stick with manga all the way.
    agreed ,like Airgear and full metal alchemist .. both got characters that only existed in manga and both had characters backgrounds removed and not told through the anime ... but again the sounds effects and music are the factors which make me favor anime upon manga ... i mean some anime got very well-made music that doubles the emotional effect of the moment in that anime's episode ...
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    Re: Whats better Manga or Anime {Must say why}

    It's manga for me...

    My reason is because manga almost always come first... And to save up time and make the story more animation friendly... There always seems to be a bunch of boring filler and such in the anime series.

    However, I do like to see how a manga gets translated into anime... The results can be amazing. Claymore is a good example of this.

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    Re: Whats better Manga or Anime {Must say why}

    Anime, is what I prefer.
    Watching countless series, both bad, and good I've come to appreciate the visual alot more then pictures.
    Yes anime is a bunch of pictures in motion, and with sound, but that's what makes it that much better.
    Also anime doesn't take a month to come out with a new episode, like manga does. So it's less time to get, and then go be on your way.

    THE only manga I've ever read, and reading now is;

    Highschool of the Dead.
    Incredible if I do say so myself, I came across a .png of it, and fell in love with the image. Looked around, found 10 chapters, downloaded, was stunned, found more, in HQ, and well now recommend it to anyone.
    I will most likely start reading more manga now, and be a little more interested in it, since anime is becoming repetitive, but for the moment I have over 50 anime series, and only 1 manga series.

    Either way Japan has it's influence roots deep within the population of the world.
    Great job!"

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