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Thread: Who is this bishounen?

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    Question Who is this bishounen?

    I've been browsing around the Net for some of Clamp's anime characters when I stumbled upon this:

     click to show spoiler

    I tried asking on yahoo answers but they recommend I ask in a forum.
    So, does anyone know who it is? Please answer, because this is going to bother me for decades if I don't answer it!!!
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    Re: Who is this bishounen?

    ...it may POSSIBLY be Li-Xing Ke from "Code Geass" as CLAMP was responsible for the character designs. But than again all of CLAMP's recent characters are starting to look an awfully LOT alike to that of their older characters. It may also be possible that the character never appeared in any series or anything and is just an "original" art by them thats just hanging around.

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