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Thread: Who can solo the Gold Saints?

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    Who can solo the Gold Saints?

    Who can solo the Gold Saints at once? Excluding Marvel & DC from this topic, who in anime? Tenchi Muyo we all know can with ease but who else? Type in your opinions and discussions on what character can beat all the Gold Saints at once?
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    Re: Who can solo the Gold Saints?

    Hmm, i'm not sure about solo-ing but TTGL might stand a good chance.

    I have never watched it but i get told that it is super strong so i am also going to say demonbane.

    I also want to say Satan from Bastard!! but we havent seen any real feats from him yet, all i know is that he has potential to be a universe buster, i guess we will have to wait until the next few chapters of the manga are released

    Saint Seiya is to unfair, lol. There armour can tank universe destroying attacks XD

    Also I regret saying this as i hate her, but haruhi seeing as she can pretty much do anything, even though she cant control her powers.

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