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Thread: Who's your favourite character

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    Who's your favourite character

    I got an interesting topic that we can talk about:

    Who's your favourite anime or manga character and why? and if you can try submit a drawing of them in the fanart page that would be awesome because I love seeing other peoples work, you can even create your own character and tell me about him/her.

    My favourite character is Souichiro Nagi from Tenjo Tenge because he speaks his mind and swears alot and he's always ready to fight for something he believes in which is something we all want to do.

    Also Sasuke Uchida because he's an ultimate badass
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    Re: Who's your favourite character

    ok il have to say Lucy from Elfin Lied
    1. she's a badass
    2. she dosn't care what you say you going to die anyways
    3. shes a diclonius
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    Re: Who's your favourite character

    As per rules on favorite threads, they need to be started by Community members and above.


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