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Thread: would be Anime movies

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    What Anime would u turn into a movie y?and which celeb would u get to play the lead?

    Gundam Wing is my chosen movie because of it's complexity and it's realism in the sense that i feel really it depicts modern day issues i.e WAR, oppression , and the general uncertainty of life, not knowing when and how u could vanish from the face of the earth.

    Relena Peacecraft/Darlian played by:
    Scarlet Johansen
    Reason:because she has her grace her demina and her beauty

    Hero yuyi played by : the actor from the Bruce Lee autobiography Movie(don't know his name SHAME on me he he!!!)
    Reason: because he looks the part and he has a mysterious quality to him. perfect for the role of Hero.

    Chang Wufai played by: A kid jet lee
    Reason: Becasue he has the martial arts skills behind him

    Trowa Barton played by: Toby Maguire
    Reason: Well if he can play spider man he can certainly play Trowa.

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    Re: would be Anime movies

    I would choose.... either, inuyasha (because of the great characters) and get orlando bloom to be inuyasha, or sailor moon, just becuase i would love to see someone dress up as the sailor scouts and do the funny hand signs.
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