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Thread: Your Favourite Characters <3

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    Question Your Favourite Characters <3

    I'm curious as to everyones favourite overall anime characters, male or female, so I'm going to start this here thread as a voting station to see who people like most. I'll update it by editing this first post weekly (every sunday, lets say) with all of the new comments/posts. Generally, I'm just curious who your overall favourite anime male and female characters are, it doesnt have to be on anything in particular, but it can be determined for instance, which are the prettiest, the most attractive, the smartest, most controversial, best personality, best role in a plot, cutest, most powerful, most funny, I'm just throwing around idea's here. So choose one male character, and one female character, from any series.

    If you only like two of ONE gender, and none of the OTHER gender, you can also do this. As in, instead of one male and one female, you may choose either two females, or two males, for instance.

    Anyway, can't wait to hear everyones opinions on who is best character. Maybe we'll find out who the best characters are overall~! <3

    (First additions will be added in a week on Sunday, not THIS Sunday. This thread will also be used as a discussion area for your favourite characters, and not ENTIRELY just a voting system, so feel free to talk about why you chose your chosen characters! ^_^)

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    Re: Your Favourite Characters <3

    Favourite threads are only allowed to be made by com. members and above. Also list threads are not allowed.

    FAVOURITE THREADS EXPLAIN why, or risk an infraction.
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