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Thread: Your Ideal Anime Collection

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    Your Ideal Anime Collection

    For past few years I have been collecting anime and so far I have over 30 titles. I'm sure most of you have an Anime collention and I was wondering what you guys think should be in an "ideal anime collection" and why. I know there is many animes out there and I'm sure there many of them that we have never seen but that the once that we know which ones should be in the ideal collection?

    In my personal opinion it should have

    Saint Seiya

    the reason I believe these titles should in the collection is because they have a great characters and good plots. Plus some of this animes have help grown the popularity of anime around the world. Also if I'm correct Astroboy was one of the very firts anime ever.
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    Re: Your Ideal Anime Collection

    I beileve an ideal anime collection would be one that has higher costs Dvds, because some of us can only offord the cheaper ones.

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    Re: Your Ideal Anime Collection

    Well the answeres gonna vary for every member here...unless we can all say "A collection composed of EVERY anime created in history"...which is what we're all saying in our minds.

    Its a matter of personal preference.

    As for myself I believe my "ideal" collection will mainly be composed of:

    -[Giant Robot] genre: Such as Gundam, etc. As a guy that spent his early years of life in Japan I was intrigued by the mech designs and storylines of this genre. To this day I pick up almost all DVDs that has a giant robot on the cover. Hell, I'd probably never watch "Rayearth" if it wasnt for those magnificent robot designs.

    -[Bishoujo (Cute girl)] genre: Again, as a guy growing up in Japan I cant help it. Anime girls are...well, basically perfect. They're made-up, fiction, so-on so-on, why wouldnt you create a perfect being in a fictional world!? Just watching them is great. Put them in a world with a great story than its perfection. LOLs

    -[Action] genre: Again, me, Japan, growing up. The hardcore action scenes get my blood flowing. LOLs
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