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Thread: Your Own Anime Character

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    Re: Your Own Anime Character

    I made a mistake in my previous post. I thought it was "What kind of character do you want to be in an anime".

    Sorry. The previous character was what I wish to be.

    Here is one of my original anime character.

     click to show spoiler

    Name: Coiya Cha-in

    Age: ???

    Blood type: Mercury

    Gender: Female

    Color: Black and white

    Weapons of choice: Chain and daggers.

    Memo: Well.. I was inspired with ABA from Guilty gear and decided to make my own zombie chick. Of course, I didn't directly copy from Guilty Gear. I tried to make her different in every way. Her clothes and hair is completely black whereas her eyes are red. (Typical goth)

    I'm using her as the second lead characters in my own manga, Zodiac Savior. Yes... I don't wish to create typical, princess-like yet pussified female characters that does nothing but whine as the main heroes. So you get the idea. (Laughs) Coiya is nothing like that!

    Here's the main character of 'Zodiac Savior', a manga of mine in which I have not even produced yet. (Laughs)

     click to show spoiler

    As for the color...

     click to show spoiler

    He is Horaizon. And... I don't think I want to share my manga here...

    !! Packs and runs away !!
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    Re: Your Own Anime Character

    Leona Adams


    Age: 16

    Abilities: telekinesis

    Likes: chocolate covered strawberries, snacking around, cooking, horror movies, and Stephen King novels

    Dislikes: waking up, someone interrupting her movie watching, people making fun of her dog plushie Shiro, and dressing up

    Characteristics: Long dark blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes.

    Personality: Leona is a transfer student who is conveniently fluent in the Japanese language. She has moved to Japan with her family because her father got a business position in Tokyo. She is a bit of a tomboy and doesn't put much thought into her appearance. She can usually be found wearing a jersey and some sweatpants or jeans. She hates dressing up with a passion.

    She also has a horror fetish and is always watching horror movies or reading horror novels.

    She loves chocolate and strawberries which explains why her favorite snack is chocolate covered strawberries.

    Something very unique about Leona though is the fact that she has the power of telekinesis. She uses her ability for various situations but is very careful to keep it secret.

    She also keeps a dog plushie named Shiro with her that was given to her when she was very young. She is very sentimental about it and gets defensive if anyone mentions him. When something is bothering her and she is alone she will sometimes confide in it.

    When she is not indulging in her horror fetish she is usually cooking, cleaning, or just snacking around.

    Okay, I'm done. Can you tell I've put some thought into her character?

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    Re: Your Own Anime Character

    Name: Herioka Akaya

    Gender: Female

    Race: Elf


    Age apperence: 20

    Blood type: ????

    Eye color:Silver

    Hair color: White with red and blue tips

    Skin color: tan

    Weapon of choice:Tank and her own body

    Abilities:is in japanese terms a senshi*senshi means gun master* and marsal arts

    Specialties:assian and mercinary

    Background story of character: has no past to speek of

    Hobbies:tanking and gunsmithing

    Likes: Being alone

    Dislikes:every thing that moves in her path even if its an ali

    Characteristic:youl be dead if you see her
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    Re: Your Own Anime Character

    I've known this from the start!!! ^.^
    Name: amatsubu
    Sex: female
    race: kitsune girl
    attitude: dark and gloomy
    weapon: kunai
    likes: rain, sushi, night time, boys, girls, cosplaying, and killing
    dislikes: daylight, loud noises, and heartbreak
    other: is good at beign a shadow and can is stealthy, enjoys flirting, can be vicious and enjoys a good kill, wishes someone would love her for her, and wishes she wasn't so addicted to torture.

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    Re: Your Own Anime Character

    Damn I have a drawing of my character. Or should I say me as my character. I just need to scan it but I don’t have a scanner... NOOOO!! Oh well I will put it in later.

    Name: Kyle

    Gender: Male

    Age: Unknown but looks to be in his early twenties.

    Weapons: Clawed mechanical hands on each arm as well as two long extra
    mechanical arms attached to the back with three razor sharp bladed hands.

    Abilities: Able to fix many kinds of mechanical devices as well as construct small to Human size robotic machines. With bio-mechanical legs he is able to run incredibly fast and jump amazingly high. With his body fused with metal and mechanical parts down to a cellular level, he is able to with stand what most would consider fatal wounds. The skin is very tough to cut with a serrated edge such as a sward, with his skellitel structur is also reinforced by the fusion of metal is able to with stand powerful strikes from blunt objects with out braking while still being flexible and malleable.

    Blood type: Unknown, but test shows the blood is highly resistant to infection and able to quickly regenerate from injuries.

    Description: Has short brown spiked hair. Hazel eyes with red specs. Modified mechanical forearms as well as a second set of completely bio-mechanical arms attached to back and shoulders that has a 20 foot reach. Because of powerful double jointed mechanical legs attached to the knees his height is 7' 11". Body build tends to be rather slender. Wears simple black almost skin tight shorts that goes to the knees covered by a shorter but baggy white kilt like wrap cloth.

    Back ground: Not much is known, other then the fact that he is Human. Kyle is from a highly advanced race called the Xier that live in an artificial dimension. Like Kyle, not much is know about the Xier other then the fact that they are a bio-mechanical race. What is known how ever is that Kyle is not a soldier of the Xier. Given what is known about Kyle and his abilities makes many wonder as to how powerful the Xier really are, and if they are hostile. Kyle tends to avoid fights when ever possible despite his physical abilities, but will intervene to save lives or to defend him self. He is for the most part gentle, but easily annoyed, as well as very aggressive when angered but rarely violent. He has been on this world sense 150BC to this date. That makes him 2158 years old, but his actual age is much older.

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    Re: Your Own Anime Character

    ??? looks to be in her early twenties-Age
    Shape shift into a feral fox form to anthro fox to human like form then to a human form. Can summon spirits and has priestess like abilities-Abilities
    Sharp pointy objects, exploreing the great beyond! -Likes
    mean people-Dislikes

    Has long white hair, is slim built. looks mostly human but inststead has pointed ears,clawed hands and her eyes are of a crystal blue color and slitted pupils like that of a cat. She wears a skirt usually and a cloth wraped around her upper body like a bandage.

    This is my own character I use for my stories and when I used to RP. I hope i desribed her right ^.^

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    Re: Your Own Anime Character

    -Name: Mortimer
    -Gender: Male
    -Birthdate: June 19
    -Age: 121(looks 19)
    -Abilities: Ice-kinetic
    -Likes: Anything blue, his love; Angel, and life in general
    -Dislikes: anyone that think they can cause pain propusly(sp)
    -Characteristics: pale white skin, blue eyes, red hair.
    http://www.animeonline.net/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=63373&dateline=120585  9741
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    Re: Your Own Anime Character


    He's/Her Name Hatari
    -Gender male
    -Birthdate march 28th
    -Age 18
    -Abilities dont have any at moment and wont get them till twords the end
    -Likes reading sports ones that arent contact like track and such
    -Dislikes dog slobber and hangy people
    -Characteristics Ex: short brown hair, geeky but cool, laid back e.c.t i will add a pic
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