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    Official Rozen Maiden Anime

    Rozen Maiden, was originally a manga by Peach-Pit, a manga duo known for their "bishoujo" (beautiful young girl) stories.

    Jun Sakurada, a Junior High School student, locks himself in his room and refuses to go to school due to mental stress and strain from past experiences at school. Jun's hobby is now ordering supernatural items through the internet and returning them within the trial period to avoid paying for these items. His life is about to change when he receives an enchanted doll with a mysterious purpose.

    Rozen Maiden are a group of dolls made by craftsman Rozen. Each Rozen Maiden has it's own unique abilities, guardian spirit and personality. Shinku is the 5th doll of the Rozen Maiden. Jun now finds himself as the dolls protector in the Alice Game - where the dolls fight each other in order to pickup "Rosa Mystica" and meet their "Father". The more "Rosa Mystica" a doll wins, the more it can move, thus avoid becoming a lifeless junk doll.

    • Director: Mamoru Matsuo
    • Manga Duo: Peach-Pit
    • Genre: Drama, Supernatural, Comedy
    • Main Character: Jun Sakurada and Shinku

    The storyline between the anime and manga have significant differences - including character names and sequence of events.

    1. Rozen Maiden (first season - 12 episodes)
      The first season is when Jun Sakurado locks himself in his room and orders strange items from the internet. He receives a Rozen Maiden and subsequently 5 Rozen Maiden's are then introduced.
    2. Rozen Maiden ~Träumend~ (second season - 12 episodes)
      A slightly darker tone compared to the first season. The season deals more with the "Father", creator of the Rozen Maidens and the ending of the Alice Game. Jun is slowly getting better and starts to go outside and study his school subjects at a local library, although he does not yet attend school. The final 2 dolls are introduced in this season.

    Major Characters:

    Jun Sakurada

    A Junior High School student who isolates himself from the outside world and refuses to go to school. He spends his time on the internet ordering strange items and returning them within the trial period to avoid having to pay for the items.

    Traumatized by school, he is skilled at crafts and sewing. He finds it hard to show affection to others even though he may care about them. Jun is arrogant and occasionally cold and rude.

    Nori Sakurada

    Nori is Jun's older sister and his caretaker whilst their parents are out of the country. She is kind, gentle and fond of the dolls. Nori often receives advice from the dolls on how to take care of Jun. She has somewhat a filthy mindset as she fantasizes over her brother in dreams.

    Tomoe Kashiwaba

    Yet another character that finds it hard to express her emotions. Her talk is dry and dull, however she is a warm-hearted and kind person. She attends the same school as Jun, and encourages him to return to school - despite his fear of her.

    Tomoe is a member of the kendo club at school and was taught kendo by her father from a very young age.


    A boy in Nori's class who is madly in love with her. Despite this, Nori is unaware of his love for her. Yamamoto-kun is continually trying to confess his love for Nori, however his efforts are always being interrupted by the dolls, in particular by Suiseiseki.


    The 5th Rozen doll, she is looked up to by the other dolls and cares for her doll sisters. She is extremely demanding and takes every opportunity she can to lecture Jun. She has a strong personality and rarely lets her true emotion become apparent.

    In battles she fights with rose-based attacks and a cane which she yields like a sword.


    The 1st doll of the Rozen Maiden, and the most sadistic, spiteful, and arrogant. She has the strongest desire to win the Alice Game, and uses any tactic no matter how cruel to win.

    As she was the 1st Rozen Maiden, she has unique physical imperfections.


    The 2nd Rozen Maiden - she is as adorable as she is peculiar and strange. She enjoys watching the activities of her sisters through binoculars. Kanaria is a competent opponent that attacks with her violin which destroys through its sound.


    The 3rd Rozen Maiden doll and the older twin sister of Souseiseki. She is devious and loves the attention. She enjoys smashing the windows of Jun's bedroom, stealing strawberries and laughing. She has a wild imagination which leads her to continuously tell lies.

    Suiseiseki can be relied on in battle as a comrade and although not apparent, she cares for her sisters more than winning the Alice Game.

    Suiseiseki carries a watering can that is used to nourish human soul trees.


    The 4th Rozen Maiden doll and the more masculine twin of Suiseiseki. She is calm, quiet and devoted to her master. She also has the same stubbornness as her twin sister.

    Souseiseki carries a set of pruning shears that is used to attend to human soul trees.


    The 6th doll with a childish personality. She is naive and selfish however only has the best intentions for everyone.


    The true 7th doll of Rozen Maiden. Her unique physical feature is a rose in her right eye. Be careful though, as her imitation is Barasuishou who also holds a rose in her right eye.

    Kirakishou does not hold a physical body, however can still affect real-world events.
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