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Thread: Rozen Maiden - Childish?

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    Re: Rozen Maiden - Childish?

    i guess we're all children anyway...
    u watched first one....and begin to ask.... i can't say it's an anime for children...but i can't also say it's for adults...
    i'd say it's a specific anime... it can be understood by children and by people after 13...
    it talks about love and problems wich we can find in our lives...but maybe not to serious as u wish...
    but there are plenty of "serious" animes....
    RM is easy to be watched....but if u think deeper u'll find...that every doll has its character...and every doll loves in her way...Shina....Suigintou....
    so don't make hasty conclusions...

    and one more thing... remember that many times...people of all ages...return to what they began from... to fairy-tales...to childish cartoons..... anв finally to childish anime....
    i'm sure u've watched Howl's castle...and other animes for children...and maybe...(i'm quite sure) found them amaizing....
    in childis animes...everything complicated is shown is something simple to understand..

    that's all i've wanted to say...sorry if it was too long
    ...with broken wings I know I'll die...

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    Re: Rozen Maiden - Childish?

    The series gets better...
    There are a few moments in the anime that are a tad childish, but ... It's not too bad you can't sit through it. ^_^

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