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Thread: AMV Contest REVAMPED (Winner = Zyta)

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    Re: AMV Contest REVAMPED (Voting)

    Ok here is my opinion.

    Xelhes: amazing video, musically speaking very very nice job. But if you take out the subtitles it would be perfect ^_^ Good cuts. ^_^

    Zyta: Rythm wise very very vey very good. As same as Xelhes you did an amazing job playing with the timing and the graphics. Again: good cuts.

    Aceman I didn't feel much with yours, but yet it was good. I just sometimes felt the images were just there 'cos... sometimes the stress on the music and the graphics were apart for a minimal amount of seconds but still there. it was hard to keep the flow of the music and the graphics together. There were some good cuts in my opinion.

    Ichigo: nice song and nice anime but when put together there was no flow. Not that the anime and the song do not match or anything like that, but again tempo wise and everything there was no following at all. I mean, the graphics definetelly I felt they were put there just because. Actually I felt an scene was there and you just put the music in it. Plus the subtitles substracted a lot of attention. Nice cuts here and there, although it could be better.

    Guys I enjoyed really! ^_^

    Xelhes and Zyta.... this was really hard to do...
    Nice job both of you.
    Zyta you have my vote.
    Nothing less from Pyro ^_^ Great Sig ^_^ THANK YOU!!!!
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    Re: AMV Contest REVAMPED (Voting)

    Aceman - Truly epic, a great song that was followed by a great animation choice. The flow felt very good and appropriate. Timing was also worth mentioning, times and feels of the clip really fit together well.

    Xelhes, - Has very much the epicness that aceman had, it was very hard for me to decided between the two. Again same qualities as acemans' amv, cept Ace's struck a few more chords to me than yours. A very slim loss.

    Ichigo - lol nice effort. but you need to know the first few basics of amv making.

    Zyta - Loved the choices you made, again i love picking out the timing and feel of amv's, and yours had it. The only thing i didnt like too much was the quality of the vid and Advent Children is as overdone as DBZ, sorry. But considering its a contest, i didnt mind it all too much. loved it also,

    Aceman had my vote this time. Xelhes is getting to be a quite the challenger, i want to see more

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    Re: AMV Contest REVAMPED (Voting)

    Only a short time left for the voting! Get too it people!

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    Re: AMV Contest REVAMPED (Voting)

    YAY I win! *does some cheesy speech*

    seriously, thanks to those who voted, not just for me too, i wasn't sure it'd turn out like that. I'm rather shocked, but pleased.

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