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    One point could make the difference, . I see it now, thanks Hassun and Len. *And I think I know the answer, .
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    Because they have obtained that level they are arrogant. You have to kep in mind when you talk about these guys they are kind of dorks who probably didn't excel at much and this is their only outlet to flex their muscles. Their egos would suffer no less so the the forum suffers some more. Watch one way or another they will probably repond to this post with a threat. But there are better forums out there. Private messege Zev.

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    I have to say Len, this is taking anime quizzees back in time, and for some of them they've never heard of such! Research is definitely required!

    *10,000 thumbs up*

    (not in the contest, but I really like this quiz... sadly, I can only answer about 30% of it from the top of my head)
    ...and if any of them were new anime questions, that'd probably be the reason why... I only know some of them... Darn you new kids these days.
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    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    Something else that I forgot to mention, (but just remembered...) is that out of 30 questions and 3 Bonus questions, there is ONLY ONE reference to a Anime feature that is only available in fansubs... (And that one is rumored will be licensed this year...) Otherwise, all the 30 references are for series and moves that have had an official Region 1 DVD release...
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    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    The Anime Trivia Quiz is now closed. There was only two entries, with Gren scoring an amazing value of 27 out of 33 points... Time to post the answers...

    Quote Originally Posted by LenMiyata View Post
    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    As a part of last Decembers Clan Challenge, I prepared an Anime Trivia Quiz to be the tie breaker for the best two out of three challenges. The Anime Trivia Quiz was originally designed to STRESS OUT a select group of Clan members in a 24 hour take home quiz. I carefully selected my questions, removed the most obvious and most obscure questions, checked the facts and spelling. And after all that work, it turns out the Trivia Quiz wasn't needed... (grumble grumble grumble...)

    Well, since the Quiz was already made, Dragon Ball has graciously decided to open it up to all Anime Online members as a contest. At the end of the month, scores will be tallied, and the AO member with the highest score in the shortest time will be awarded video downloads up to $20 in value at the ADV Universe Digital Store.

    Personally, I think this Quiz is very easy, but then again, I've seen all the features referenced here. Now lets see how long it takes to match the wits of the Grouchy Old Anime Otaku...

    • Contest closes March 31st.
    • Only ONE ENTRY (no edits allowed) per member. Once you have all your answers, create a thread in the private forum at Contest Entries Forum (with the title of 'Anime Trivia Quiz')
    • Score is based on the total number of correct answers posted.
    • There are 30 Anime Trivia questions and 3 Bonus questions.
    • If the character / object / thing / appears in more then one series, the earliest published series would be the correct answer. Questions with 2 and 3 part answers must be correct on all parts to count.
    • In the event there are duplicate high scores, the person who posts their answers first wins.
    --------------------------- QUIZ START ---------------------------

    Student Secret Identities Nicknames, Secret Lives.

    Given the Nickname and the School, identify the Student and the Series. All of the Students are either main or major characters for their respective series.
    Name: Sousuke Sagara
    Occupation: Jindai High School student, male
    Call Sign: Uruz 7
    Series: Full Metal Panic

    Name: Akari Kanzaki
    Occupation: University Satellite Sports Academy Student, girl
    Title: Cosmo Beauty
    Series: Battle Atheletes Victory (TV)/Battle Atheletes OVA

    Name: Shima Katase
    Occupation: Foundation II Space Pilot Academy Student, girl
    Nickname: Shipon
    Series: Stellvia

    Name: Misaki Suzuhara
    Occupation: Eriol Acadamy 7th Grader, girl
    Nickname: Miracle Rookie
    Series: Angelic Layer

    Name: Yue Ayase
    Occuption: Mahora Academy Middle School student, girl
    Nickname: Baka Leader
    Series: Negima!
    Now all the questions in this section were essentially giveaways, as the Occupation data was enough by itself to give away the series name...
    __________________________________________________ _________
    Ships of the Line.

    Given the description of the Ship, identify the Ship, it's commander, and the Series it appears in. All of these 'Ships' are major backdrops for the series they appear in.
    -The most famous Pirate Space Ship of the 'Golden Age' of Anime.
    Arcadia, Space Pirate Captain Harlock, Space Captain Pirate Harlock

    -With all the faculty killed off, this ship becomes the setting for the Sci-Fi anime remake of 'The Lord of the Flies'.
    Ryvius. No effective command structure, (Authority in the Lord of the Flies???) Infinite Ryvius

    - Privately owned Space Battleship of Nergal Heavy Industries
    Nadesico, Under the command of Captain Yurika Misumaru, Series Martian Successor Nadessico

    - Grappler Ship with a Red Paint Job
    Outlaw Star, Under the command of Outlaw Gene Starwind, Series Outlaw Star

    - Mercenary Vanship Carrier/Battleship
    Sylvana, Under the command of Alex Row, Series: Last Exile
    These question are a bit harder, but still doable...
    __________________________________________________ _________
    Classes of Andriods, Mechas, Vehicles.

    A Class indicates more then one occurence of this object 'Type' occurs in the series. All of the 'classes' are significant for the Anime series they appear in. Given the Class name for the 'Type' identify the Series.
    - Emblem Frames : Galaxy angels

    - Bioroids : Appleseed (First used in the OVA series)

    - Boomers : Bubble Gum Crisis

    - Thirds : Armitage III OVA

    - Valkyries : Macross

    - Machines : Heat Guy J
    __________________________________________________ _________
    Unique Named Mecha & Vehicles.

    Many Anime series have a 'named' Mecha or Vehicle that is 'unique' with only one occurence in a series. (Note that Ships or huge vehicles are not included in this category...) Given the name, identify it's class (Car, Mecha, etc), its primary operator and the series it appears in.
    - Mach 5 (car) : Speed Racer, Series: Speed Racer

    - Ryo-Oki : (Mecha) : Sasami, Series: Shin Tenchi (Tenchi in Tokyo)
    This was the only real trick question. The catagory specifically ruled out space ships, but Ryo-Oki did have a Mecha form that was only used in 'Tenchi in Tokyo'

    - Jango : (Mecha) : Jo, Series: Burst Angel

    - Bonaparte : (Tank) : Leona Ozaki, Series: Dominion Tank Police

    - Hermes : (Motorcycle) : Kino, Series: Kino's Journey

    And the 'Original' Big Metal Suit
    - Alphonse : (Mecha) : Izumi Noa, Series PatLabor
    __________________________________________________ _________
    Magical Chants.

    Magic is a common part in many Fantasy anime series, with unique Magical chants. Given the Magical Chant, identify the caster who uses it, and the series it appears in...
    - PIXIE MUTATION! MAGICAL RECALL! : : Name: Misao Amano/Pixy Misa, Series: Magical Girl Pretty Sammy

    - Raging Heart, SETUP! : Nanoha Takamachi/Lyrical Nanoha Series: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

    - RELEASE! : Sakura Kinomoto/Cardcaptor Sakura, Series Cardcaptor Sakura

    - DRAGON SLAVE! : Lina Inverse, Series Slayers

    - HONEY FLASH! : Honey Kisaragi/Cutey Honey, Series: Cutie Honey
    BONUS Question 1: Of the above magical phrases, and the characters that chant them, which one does not match the rest of the Group?

    Now when entering this question for this Post, I realized there are actually two girls who don't match, but for different reasons. They are...

    1. All the Magical chants are Magical Girl Power ups/Transformations with the exception of Lina Inverse's Black Magic Attack Spell..

    2. All the girls are girls who use magic, with the exception of 'Cutey Honey' who is actually a transforming Battle Android!!!

    __________________________________________________ _________
    Historical Anime Trivia.
    Name the Anime series this question refers to.
    - What is the series that Disney is accused of plagiarizing for the Animation Feature Film 'The Lion King'?

    - What was the first color Anime TV series made?

    - What was the first Anime series to be syndicated by the NBC Television Network?
    BONUS Question 2: What is in common with the above Trivia Questions?
    Answer: They all refer to the series 'Jungle Emperor Leo' ('Kimba the White Lion')
    __________________________________________________ _________

    BONUS Question 3:

    Identify this (ahem...) 'healthy' girl student, and the Anime movie she appears in...

    No, this is not 'Kenjiro' (from the 'Fist of the North Star') in cosplay, though its an obvious parody of him... This 'healthy' looking high school student is 'Mari', one of the henchmen (henchgirl?) of 'B-ko' from the 'Golden Age' feature film 'Project A-ko'. This film was created before there was active trademark/copy write enforcement in Japan, with trademarks both domestic and foreign are skewered and mangled by this movie.
    FAVOURITE THREADS EXPLAIN why, or risk an infraction.
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    It was a great quiz; I'm surprised more people didn't give it a try.
    sig by Pyro Psycho

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