Submitter: Aceman67
AMV Title: My Torment
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YouTube - My Torment
Length: 4:55
Size: 70.9 MB
Format: Windows Media Video (WMV)

Video Footage from:
Series: End of Evangelion
Production Studio: Gainax

Audio from:
Group/Artist: Staind
Song: Mudshovel
Album: Dysfunction

General Information:
A darker themed AMV, My Torment uses End of EVA with Mudshovel by Staind, which originally is a song about A man losing it when he finds out that his girlfriend is cheating on him, but it fits perfectly with the whole end of the world theme from EVA.

The AMV.org version is STRONGLY recommended, as there is one scene in particular (The very final scene) that can only be clearly seen with the full version.

This AMV contains one brief scene of Nudity, and profanity. But who cares, Bring on the Torment!!