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Thread: Best episode

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    Re: Best episode

    for me i like the most [9 -silver watch of the dog of the military] and [13 - Flame Versus Full Metal] and [17- The House where the Family waits] and [28 - All is one ,one is all]
    [37 - The Fighting Lieutenant - The Mystery of the 13th warehouse] and the last episode because the sacrifice that Ed gave to his brother when he gave him something precious when he gave him his soul to live a normal life (one of the episode Al sayed:
    i want to fall in love) (T.T) Ed make his brother wish came true ...............
    ( i think i write a list ).......... ( I LOVE THIS ANIME )

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    Re: Best episode

    maybe the first episode when its all dark when the ressurection happenned and then a funny scene atfter that.

    great sig by Lasura thanks heaps

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