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Thread: The FMA world and ours

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    The FMA world and ours

    I have some thoughts and questions about something only mentioned in passing near the end of the television series. Now, I have never read any of the manga but I do know the story diverges once Dante gets involved. I'm speaking about the television show.

    Hoenheim said in the episode that Ed is sent through the gate something along the lines of 'the success of alchemy seems to be the diverging point of our worlds - they share a similar history up until then'

    And in the love letter from Hoenheim to Dante it was said that it was written over 400 years ago dated by Christ (which is what our dating system is) wouldn't that suggest that Hoenheim and Dante had something to do with that? Or am I just looking too deep into something that isn't really anything? What are you're thoughts?

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    Re: The FMA world and ours

    That shall remain part of the apocryphal ideology behind full metal alchemist. That is what makes many series so fun. But is it spelled out well enough.

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    Re: The FMA world and ours

    Our world has not time for magic these days with runnung here and there, that is the trouble with today's world there is no real Equivalent Exchange any more sure there is give and take every body just want to take now these days.

    FMA world is just the oppiste of our world, I am sure it it has little tech and people are not in such a rush all the time and yes it has the Sins because Living creatures now we had living creatures as sin in our world. would we so quick to break them..?

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