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Thread: Should adult swim stop airing FMA?

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    Smile Should adult swim stop airing FMA?

    This anime has repeated countless times for the past 4 years in adult swim and even when the new brotherhood saga came out they've kept on repeating it i know it's legendary anime but do you think it's time to move on to something new? LIKEE CANAAN FOr EXAMPLE JUSS THROWING AN ANIME OUT THERE.

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    Re: Should adult swim stop airing FMA?

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    Its not as if they can pull any series out of hat for TV broadcast.... Anime licensing is a tricky and expensive business. More so since the Japanese broadcasters and anime studios now want to control the merchandising rights, and share in the advertising income... And with dubbing costs rumored to be in the $10,000s per episode, its a big risk to bring on a new series that can easily prove a flop in the ratings....
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    Re: Should adult swim stop airing FMA?

    Well, they've got Durarara and that's only a 25 episode series I believe. FMA's a good anime, that's obviously a reason it's run again and again. I can see your point though, and it's somewhat valid. According to what Len had mentioned, running any new anime they wish isn't just a wave of the wrist.

    The lineup as a whole seems fine too, but they'll acquire rights to different shows in the future. With any luck they'll renew their rights to Samurai Champloo.
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