So, in Brotherhood, Edward and Alphonse both are human. Edward and Winry get together, and Ed is still missing a left leg. Ed lost his Alchemy.
In the origional Anime, Edward and Al left Winry in the other world, to live there lives there. They both lose their Alchemy.,And Al is human.
Did you like the endings? Did you like one more then the other? What would you have changed? Why?

I liked the ending to Brotherhood, not so much the origional. I didn't like the origional ending, because they both lost their Alchemy, and they just left Winry alone! I was looking forward to her and Ed getting together, plus, Al never fell in love, as far as I can tell.
I liked brotherhood, but I would have changed Ed losing his Alchemy. If only he could have gotten it back somehow. I know he sacraficed it for his brother, but still!
What do you think?