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Thread: Is this actually a good manga idea?

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    Is this actually a good manga idea?

    Now before anything is said, first of all I'm not actually going to make this due to a lack of actual drawing skill. Secondly, any possible suggestions or constructive criticism will be much appreciated. Thirdly, if you can guess where inspiration for Teikouryoku came from..you get a cookie.

    General outline: The plot basically follows a group of mercenaries who, through odd circumstances, end up gaining abilities which push them beyond what any regular human is capable of doing. Now, the World Defense Organization (W.D.O) catch on to this and aren't at all happy, putting a bounty on there heads and ordering there immediate termination. In the setting, crime is essentially non-existent except for a few minor terrorist proxy groups and gangs. The W.D.O posses' a great hold over the world, meaning there word is law. The mercenaries band together, against the odds they find themselves against, deciding to try and find a loophole to exploit. Or, better yet, a trump-card they can use against the W.D.O to gain there freedom.

    The overall plot is basically done as a a mix of "Tribute and Parody to the Metal Gear Solid Series, as well as a few other things.

    Characters (Please not, character designs have yet to be thought up. Personalities, abilities and back stories are all thought out though.):


    Rei Izanagi (Code-name: Akuma): The main character of the series, of british origin and leader of the mercenaries. During the original mission, she discovers that she has the ability to heighten her senses. Meaning, she can move much faster than what was normally possible, albeit only for short periods of time with breaks in between. Her past is linked, in some way, to the W.D.O and subsequent operations that they performed. However, having been comatose for two years due to an unknown incident, much of her memory is still hazy, yet this hasn't had to much of an effect on her combat skills...at least to much. In the beginning, she starts off as rather impulsive and known to quickly rush into situations, and even act a bit oblivious. As she matures over the series though, she begins to becomes much more level headed. Wields two Walther P99 pistols in combat, as well as a combat knife.

    Ryan North Wilson (Code-name: Teikouryoku): Of a Canadian origin, Teikouryoku is essentially a closed book. In actuality, he was incarcerated in a mental institution for a great deal of his youth due to his instability. One day, he managed to escape when the building caught fire and managed to work his way into the Mercenary world. Sadistic, brutal, known to never shut his mouth and just downright insane, he is one of the few people in the series that is capable of making even the most evil and ruthless villain cringe in disgust. But, he loves what he does, which is killing people and causing havoc. Arguably one of the only characters who evolves little over the series, he serves as something of comic relief as well as poking fun at some typical anime archetypes and cliches. He is also responsible for slicing off Kazanashii's right hand, simply because she bonked him on the head (Remember that little gag where females sometimes bonk male anime characters on the head? Apparently he didn't take to kindly to that). His insanity was amplified by an experimental regeneration serum that he decided to inject into himself, thinking it was painkillers. As a result, he is capable of re-attaching limbs that are sliced off and fixing broken wounds. He can still be knocked unconscious though. In battle, he uses two machetes, but also keeps a Mauser pistol as a back-up weapon.

    Alicia Winters (Code-name: Kanashii): Formerly a high-school student from Spain who excelled in technological studies and hacking, she found herself beginning to grow bored with her normal life. It was then she was met by the wandering Akuma, who recruited her due to hacking skills for the original mission. As the series progresses, her personality grows to become much more anti-social, sociopathic and serious. Originally, she is very cheerful and upbeat, viewing the chance to work alongside mercenaries as a learning experience, and generally works well with everyone in the team. Except for Teikouryoku, because of an offensive comment made towards her. And then of course, he's responsible for slicing her hand, naturally causing an even further void between them. Luckily though, she got a transplanted hand in its place which was originally the hand of a powerful psychic. As a result, she has begun to develop psychic abilities of her own, namely telekinesis. At first, she doesn't engage in much combat, but as the series progresses she does battle using knives and her powers.

    Zack Arkham (Code-name: Kazekage): An Australian sniper, formerly apart of the military and had hoped to be allowed to become a W.D.O agent, but failed the entrance exams. He is recruited by Akuma during the original mission, having been volunteered for an experiment at the base she was invading. Kazekage is incredibly accurate and also incredibly competitive. As the series progresses, he becomes more calm and patient, losing some of his competitive edge but not his accuracy. The experiments that were performed on Kazekage have allowed him to manipulate water molecules to create illusions, they are by no means perfect but they allow for him to play mind-games with his targets. He uses a PSG1 Sniper rifle in battle, but also keeps an Uzi as a back-up weapon should things fail.

    Rick node (Code-name: Chikara): An African-American marks-man and mercenary who was originally tasked with trying to kill Akuma’s group, but had a change of heart after he discovered he wasn’t actually going to be paid by the W.D.O. Therefore, he betrayed his superiors and defected. At the beginning of the series, he is somewhat sarcastic, acting as a voice of reason and intelligence among the group. As the series he becomes progressively more manipulative, and subtle in his actions, with some of his smaller actions having a much larger impact. But, still acts as the voice of reason and subsequent planner of the group. He is known to posses heightened senses of hearing and sight, the origin of these abilities remains unknown. But, he is an excellent gunfighter and a very cunning strategist. In battle he wields two revolvers, as well as a small switch-blade.

    Liz Jaeger (Code-name: Henka)- A female of an unknown ethnicity, actually created in the same facility that was experimenting on Kazekage, thus she feels something of a slight sibling connection between them. In the beginning of the series, she is rather emotionless and cold, caring very little about the fate of her team-mates. As the series progresses though, she becomes more apathetic and cruel but ultimately starts to care much more about the fate of those she works with. She posses’ skills as a negotiator and torture expert, skills that were implanted within her memory before she was released by the mercenaries. Her major ability is that of shape-shifting, able to do so just by using a sample of the subjects DNA. This ability is restricted to humans only though, but she can become a near perfect copy of the person, only she cannot take on any powers the person in question might posses. In battle, she uses a high powered chain-gun, but also carries around an Axe should she ever have to resort to hand to hand combat.


    W.D.O: An organization established shortly after the turn of 2045 due to world war 3, they literally control every aspect of the world. They are run by a group of people known only as “The Bureau”. The identity of these people remains highly unknown, only that they all control different sections of the world for the sake of the W.D.O. They have vast military expenditure and man-power, but normally also recruit mercenaries to do jobs for them. They are also not above performing experiments on people for “The sake of the worlds safety”. Normally, these experiments are failures, but on the rare occasions they are a success, they are heavily monitored so as to make sure they do not fall out of line. If they do, they are killed. The W.D.O runs a very brutal regime, in which even small crimes are punished brutally and swiftly.

    The Agents: They are the right hand of the W.D.O, consisting of the best of the best in either combat or information gathering. Most of the agents have had there abilities enhanced, and are normally denominated numbers instead of names. They are a uniform and ultimately faceless organization, but they are tasked with: Assasination, Extortion, information gathering, combat improvements and above all, to ensure control is kept for the W.D.O.

    U.N Owen: A name granted to the best Agent that the Agents have at there disposal, and the only rank that is not number based. Only two people in the history of the organization have achieved this rank for very long, the last one died well over two decades earlier. The current U.N Owens identity remains a mystery. All that is known though, is that they are incredibly skilled in both ranged and hand to hand combat, and are an expert in there known profession.

    (More villains to come)

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    Re: Is this actually a good manga idea?

    Okay I am going to go out on a whim and assume you based that one character off of Dead Pool. As for is it a good idea, well sort of but it has been done before.

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    Re: Is this actually a good manga idea?

    *gives Beast a cookie* You guessed correct, and thanks for the opinion. I guess on reflection it has sort of been done before, but either way thanks for your opinion.

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