Life can avoid pills robbery Tome reputation of the content of the message. The universe functioning kobe vi rule of harsh, can be imagined.

i "should not even think then step a hundred times the limit." mixed piece Domain Master smile, ii can reach a hundred times, Nike zoom KD rare in the universe. Ruthless multi-universe Venerable life gene level also old times. You Black Warrior ...... now detect up to old times, and then rely beast God's blood, but also improve. '

Luo Feng nodded.

he would ?cheap lebron shoes 9 have been total Ge hum breakthrough for the immortal before fusion of blood Luo Jing, so into the immortal God the physical direct reach strong level.

i "Go For playing the beast God's blood, and virtual universe company can supply direct application taboo." mixed chip domain main road.

i "is."

Luofeng Gong Jing salute, then derrick rose 2.5 receded.

again beginning Peru chair inside the palace.

Um kill family of ?kobe 7 shoes chalk body sitting cross-legged body chalk world ... the Golden Horn behemoth began blood Luo Jing another fusion.

[... immortality of chapter 19 of the fourth chapter of life gene-level text updates fastest ......] @! !

nineteenth chapter the immortality Chapter 6400 times
extraterritorial battlefield
</ br> then, Luo Feng once to let Golden Horn behemoth avatar the Fusion blood Luo Jing total number reached 165 so systemic blood Luo Jing fusion! Time the nine robberies Tome "just practicing the first robbery, when Luo Feng did not life and death of stars tower heritage, will not be a fundamental transformation.

"166 Ke, 167, 168 ......"

Golden Horn behemoth like a mountain range, lying on it.

people on earth deity is sitting cross-legged on the backs of the Golden Horn behemoth.

as a

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