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Thread: Addicted To Curry!

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    Addicted To Curry!

    Oh my God, you've got to love it!

    Now I wanted to ask this:
    1) How many chapters / volumes are there in this on-going manga series?
    2) Where can I find and read them online?
    3) Are the recipes reliable?

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    Re: Addicted To Curry!

    Sorry I cant love it I havent seen it! Or heard of it! But I like the food curry I had it like once, its not my top favorite but it is good enough! lol

    I know of places you probly could find it to read it online, but we arent allowed to post sites like that!
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    Re: Addicted To Curry!

    I haven't seen it either :0
    Sorry. it sounds like it pwns though, what is it all about?

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    Re: Addicted To Curry!

    i have read it, but the last chapter i read it was the 50, not sure if the recipes are reliable or not haven't tried them (not yet anyway)

    i'm not sure if ao allows to give websites of other pages and pages that contain scans of mangas :S
    if we can't just pm so we don't get in trouble ^^
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    Re: Addicted To Curry!

    ^_^ you can download the transalated scans at Animebreaker - Free Anime From Fans For Fans - Home!

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