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Thread: Anyone remember Mars?

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    Anyone remember Mars?

    does anyone remember this great, mushy, depressing, beautiful love story between Rei and Kira. You know, the shojo one, with main character that cried a lot. anyway, this was such a guilty pleasure, but i never was able to buy all the volumes, so any fillers or fans out there somewhere?

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    Re: Anyone remember Mars?

    Ahhh...one of the greatest mushy manga ever written..i never finished it, but what i read was beautific.

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    Re: Anyone remember Mars?

    well ive read a few of the manga,and i kinda liked it,i like mushy stuffs,you know,well i better finish it..^_^
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    Re: Anyone remember Mars?

    That manga is actually what got me into manga~! One of my friends, before I moved, lent me the first 3 volumes. I read the rest years later, and even watched the Taiwanese drama version of it (Vic Zhou's hair = amazing haha). Ahhh... such good memories ^^ I loved the story, though it got pretty twisted as it went on o_O
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    Thank you Equinn!! ^-^

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