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Thread: Arshia (home made manga)

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    Hello every body.Here I put the Arshia manga download links.
    What is Arshia?
    Arshia is the Name of Story we are working on it to create an anime of this.
    Arshia is Persian male name.and the story is about a 12 year old boy called Arshia whose desire is to be a master in Taekwondo but his father never let him go to Taekwondo school and after a while he will find out the reason and ... .This story is divided in 15 , 20 minutes episode. It is almost one month that we have started the project.
    Technical information:
    this managa is some how different from what ever you have seen before because the manga style is not 100% Japanese .this manga is a complex of Persian Negargari and American comic and Japanese manga .

    this manga is by Mojtaba Moraday our team drawer artist and translated and colored in English by me.
    Please with your priceless feed backs and opinions help us to improve our work quality and at the end we present you an animation that cost your time.
    p.s: if you like to join in our animation team please feel free and let me know by sending me PM.
    Thank you

    First chapter:"Freedom"
    download link:
    4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download Arshia manga chapter1.rar
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