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Thread: The Big Manga Quiz

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    The Big Manga Quiz

    The following is a list of manga summaries... some are REAL comic plots, others are not. Your mission: to decide which is which. Note, the summaries are intentionally vague to throw off/confuse google-cheaters (tsk).

    -1 point if you're right about it being real or not.
    -2 bonus points if you can actually name the series.

    1) An elementary school girl sets out to become the queen of cooking in this culinary-themed magical girl romp. Chefs from assorted countries come to her aid in the form of always-convient exchange students... so does her pet turtle.

    2) A young boy pursues his dream of becoming a postal carrier. When he isn't delivering letters, he's shooting pieces of his heart into giant beatles with his sidekick, a former sideshow freak.

    3) Two childhood friends are seperated in their last year of elementary school only to meet again as highschool students... both studying abroad in the USA. They navigate the perils of cultural misunderstanding, love triangles, and homesickness while (maybe) falling in love.

    4) A flamboyant art thief uses his organization of hot young men to steal paintings of pretty boys and taunt his victims with cute little notes written in pretty cursive. He gets in a little over his head when he decides to steal a human being and falls for an investigator who owns his own tank.

    5) A Japanese college girl makes a fool of herself in front of a jerky American and resolves to improve her English at any costs. She signs up for English conversation lessons immediately, only to find out that her instructor is the jerky American who made her feel so silly in the first place.

    6) Discontent schoolgirl travels to another world and becomes the empress of her own country, divinely tied to a unicorn-esque companion. If she fails at her duties as empress, both she and the companion will die...

    7) A piece of bread fights off bacteria and world hunger by feeding it's own head to those in need.

    8) A junior high girl dresses up in drag to join the boy's basketball team at her school... only no one's fooled at all. Her disguise is incredibly obvious--but the team plays innocent because she's such an asset to the team... Things get complicated when the boys start to fall for her.

    9) The most popular guy in school has a secret: he likes to knit handmade scarves, cook, collect cute things and read girly comics. When his secret gets out: he becomes the model for a real shoujo manga series (written by his best friend)

    10) A transvestite turns a highschool upsidedown by living "her" own way while winning the admiration of her classmates, instilling confidence in her boyish best friend, and landing the perfect shoujo-manga boyfriend in the process... without ever worrying too awful much about the extra equipment.

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    Re: The Big Manga Quiz

    I wish I knew... but #7 sounds hilarious!! Then again I can't afford any manga right now.

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    Re: The Big Manga Quiz

    I may not be able to identify the real from the fake, but if #3,#5, and #10 are real I'd like to check them out. #10 I think, is the first time I've heard of a transvestite as the main character. I'd definitely read that one, sounds like a laugh.

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    Re: The Big Manga Quiz

    Mostly guesses

    1)Real...dont know title
    2)Real - Mushi-Uta, I think
    3)Not real
    4)Not real
    6)Not Real
    7)Real - Anpanman
    9)Not Real
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    Re: The Big Manga Quiz

    Some of these sound familiar, yet I can't put a name on them... There goes my bonus points. Well, here goes:

    1. Real

    2. Not

    3. Not

    4. Real

    5. Not

    6. Not

    7. Not

    8. Real

    9. Real

    10. Not


    I had to guess about three or four of them, because some sound like even though my heart is saying, "That's fake!" My mind says otherwise, so I let my finger do the talkin'.

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    anti-semantics Pub Quiz Champion tsurara may be famous one day tsurara may be famous one day tsurara's Avatar
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    Re: The Big Manga Quiz

    8 points for shinku
    4 for atomik

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    Re: The Big Manga Quiz

    sorry can't say i know for real but...
    3.not real
    4.i don't know...not real?
    6.not real
    7....not real?
    9.not real

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    Re: The Big Manga Quiz

    #3-not real
    #4 is DNAngel(real)
    #6-not real
    #9-not real
    Last edited by Serena500; Feb 22, 2008 at 12:01 PM. Reason: just remembered things
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