But I can?t help but think that

Pam?s hair was bangin?! Thumbs up for the flat iron. Beyond that, I can?t say it enough, I love this NCIS Season 10 Episode 3 side of Pam, the child, the sibling, the spouse, the confidante, the best buddy. In short, the only character who is able to take Eric to task when his actions jeopardize his own safety and, in this case, the connection between sire and progeny. Nan Flanagan on television calling out Russell as an extremist and a terrorist. The writers keep handing her zingers NCIS Season 10 Episode 3 wrapped in flawless logic. Will we see Nan and Steve Newlin go toe-to-toe again? Here?s to hoping. I wanted to love Sam?s flashback. But it was way too Lost for me. Swindler? Hot girl partner? Revenge killing? That said, I don?t think I could take much more of Tommy taking the piss out of Sam. I?m a bit worried about Sam paying the abuses of his own past forward. But if we?re going to see Sam go down this path, it seems in keeping with Tara?s journey. I like the metaphorical monsters just as much as the supes. I will, however, Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 5 point to Six Feet Under and David?s gay bashing storyline that signalled a dark spiral for that series. Worth it, all the way. But I can?t help but think that we?re looking at the calm before a really big storm for both these characters.

Lafayette and Jesus?s seemingly endless Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 4 V-trip through the history of sorcery and conjuring. By the end, the bros were almost brotherly. Not sure where this is going, but it would be interesting to see spirituality and ritual expanded beyond The Fellowship of the Sun. (Add into this mix Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 4 the very curious Wiccan, Holly, and her mysterious remedies.) It?s also a nice pick up from Jason?s V-addiction storyline that got lost in the shock and awe of Lizzie Caplan?s breasts. My biggest protest is against the shooting style, something I wish had gone the way of the Dodo bird after Janet Jackson?s Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 1 video for ?Go Deep.? Seriously, this girl needs a Gravol just to step off the curb. I?ve managed to keep my cookies in check through biting, bleeding, and pulverized vamps. No more with the spinny-spinny.

Crystal?s a werepanther. And a purdy one at that, showing up in Jason?s bedroom all Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 5 shiny and eye-popping after her father cuts her loose for consorting with faggots and vampers. (I can?t help but wish for a scene in which Tara bursts in to find Jason wrestling Cry-panther. ?Aww, hell, no! Talbot, I wish I kneeew how to queeet yeeew.? Not in direct relation to the show, I wanted to call out Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 5 EW?s headline that Steger was going ?gay? for this role. C?mon, guys. It?s a bit Brokeback, don?t you think? And so five years ago. (As is that phrase, but Brokeback Mountain ran in 2005, so I feel justified.? It should be unmoving in some style of grief. To become a villain you had to own become disenchanted, and so as to become disenchanted Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 5 you had to own been addicted to one thing you believed therein was agitated and ripped from your grasp as a protagonist therein stage of your life deed you disenchanted with God, if you'll.