been looking and i thought it would be worth a try to ask if any one knows the manga i am talking about

actually there are two

1. when i read it seemed to be a one-shot and i don't know if there is a series for it or not. starts out with some people be perused by some people trying to kill them. the people being chased seem to be creatures or experiments. one is a teenager with the features of a shark and he seems to be completely crazy, doesn't want to kill anybody but does anyways and what not. another is a girl that is a mummy, or maybe just a zombie wrapped up depending how you look at it. last one is a guy wearing a crown and he seems to be completely full of himself. in the end they kill the guys after them. and that is about all i can remember

2. takes place in a england, 20th century maybe, it's about a nun and a little girl, they kill demons.....of course. anyways the little girl turns out to be a powerful demon well fallen demon. there is a police man they save from his hooker turned demon girlfriend(that is a pretty summed up version of a chapter pretty much what happens but don't take it to literally) in a back story the nun was a little girl when her father, a priest, moves to india or some other country that apparently needs god. anyway local human god and leader of the town is the girl demon she teams up with later, her dad turns demon kills a few towns folk, towns folk are about to kill girl when the demon girl steps down as town god and savers her they travel from there and story begins. also in one of the first chapters there is a skeleton of a fallen angel

if someone could give me the name of the series i would be very grateful