I don't remember its name but it starts off with this high school guy whose older brother works for a company that publishes manga and the day before he was to meet one of the companies newest rising manga writers he gets injured and is in the hospital. In order to keep the meeting he has his younger brother go in his stead but has him dress up as if he is the older brother because they look alike. It continues on to where the younger brother also substitutes for the elder brother in a meeting with the companies newest rising manga artist. Both the writer and artist turn out to be female classmates of the younger brother and both girls fall for the younger brother while he tried to act supporting like the older brother. During a company award ceremony the younger brother is forced to be a substitute again and the two girl learn about it and feel hurt and betrayed. The brothers ask for forgiveness and the four of them continue helping each other in the manga production.

I probably just described the first five to ten chapters of the manga. If anyone knows what this manga is called it would be helpful.