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Thread: claymore...

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    anyone here read the claymore manga?

    ive watched the anime and manga but the anime story diverged as it drew near the climax...the manga was smooth all the way, and is still running on monthly basis...what do you think was/were the reason(s) of the creator for doing this?

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    Re: claymore...

    The reason it was done is the same reason as any anime differing from the manga. The story wasn't complete, and the anime has to have an end point.

    I disliked the ending, just because Raki still looks like a major crybaby at the end, and the story didn't seem to have the whole story as per usual in the anime.

    The manga rocks though, I can't wait to see how raki's been the past 7 years.

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    Re: claymore...

    Well yes I have
    I have wanted to read it but then I realised im not that much into dark fantasies although battle angel Alita I didnt mind

    great sig by Lasura thanks heaps

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    Re: claymore...

    i haven't read that. can you tell me what it is about?
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    Re: claymore...

    I love Claymore a lot...
    The story is amazing, even though it's violent and very dark.

    The manga is beautifully drawn... The anime was great - They did set it up for a second season... Which would be nice.

    The story is a fantasy about a world where humans are terrorized by demons called Yoma- They like to eat humans... eeewww... The Yoma can take on a human's form after they've eaten them... So towns would call upon an elite group of "hunters" called Claymore - They are all women, who are half human, and half Yoma... As a result, they have blonde hair and silver eyes. They are called Claymores after their weapons of choice: Claymore.
    The story revolves around a Claymore named Clare, who ends up being followed by a human boy named Raki, who survived his family being killed by a Yoma.
    Clare is after revenge... I would suggest looking it up to get more details. ^_^
    I hope that helped. ^_^

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