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Thread: D.Gray-man 2nd Hiatus - reason(?)

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    D.Gray-man 2nd Hiatus - reason(?)

    From what I can gather the Manga Series will Resume on 17th of August

    - Cover Preview:

    Poster Preview:
     click to show spoiler

    there’s no Official Reason yet of the 2nd Hiatus, but there have been Rumours on net that it was because of Plagiarism.


    - Takeshi Obata (dunno what series this is from):

    - Hoshino Katsura (D.Gray-Man):

    So people nowadays are very touchy when it comes to plagiarism and copyright (they do whatever they can to earn money).

    Though One Manga Claims that the Author is sick and releases are on hold again. Releases will not return for a while. Hopefully she will get better soon!

    Maybe the whole plagiarism business has been blown out of proportions; we don't know if this is the only reason.

    So what do you Guys think?

    P.S. I found with an article about plagiarism in some mangas including D gray man but it's kinda old. A Tradition in Plagiarism | ComiPress Watch the video at the bottom of the page!!!

    Personally I thinks it’s rather a weak accusations. I mean, The only thing that was a bit similar were their clothes. Well, and the, to certain degree, similar hairstyle (but come on, how many manga characters don't have the same hairstyle *rolls eyes* or similar clothes)

    Manga consists of stories depicted by thousands of various images and I'd think it would be rather easy to come across instances of similarities in a few things between different stories. We are only human after all.


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    Re: D.Gray-man 2nd Hiatus - reason(?)

    Good thanks for upload xDDD (i not splique english xDDDD jajajaja)

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