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Thread: Disgaea manga

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    Disgaea manga

    So I picked up volume one. The first manga from Broccoli Books that I was interested enough to get. I have to admit, they make the book rather stiff, but guess that's not that big of a deal. I'm not too sure I like the art style, it's not as simple and clean as what I'm use to from the anime and games. That and Laharl sometimes looks somewhat more thick and his ears point out more. I didn't finish reading it, I don't know much of where it'll go. Anyone else read or have thoughts?

    I wonder how many replies this'll get.

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    Re: Disgaea manga

    Ah, the Disgaea manga, I was REALLY happy when I found out that it was being released in the US. Months and months I waited...only to be slightly dissapointed. =_=

    Not that it was horrible or anything but it wasnt just what I expected. The artwork was ok, like you said Laharl ex, its something "different" from the anime and games...Laharl kinda starts to look like more of a girl from each chapter and on (In MY OPINION). XD LOL. The story goes by the game so far, trails off a bit from chapter to chapter but the main is still the same as the game.

    Waiting to see what future volumes will bring and see if the manga goes off into a new direction, not just following the story from the games and anime.

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