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Thread: Earthian

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    This manga has a funny story to it. Here goes.

    Well I was in the Paducah,Kentucky mall in I think it was books a millon.
    I saw the manga and debated through my whole stay in the store wether I wanted a new one or the second volume of a manga called Petite Cossette. I chose Earthian. Well I don't mind yaoi and will read it. I am actually a bit of a fan but I am not like a fan girl for it. I must've not read the back throughly because I had no idea that it was yaoi. The woman at the register looked at me with a disgusting look...kinda like I was crazy. Well I dress weird and do my makeup weird...I get stares all the time so I didn't get all upset about it. I showed it to my friend Katie who was with me at the time...and she said "Kelly...I didn't know you were into yaoi?" I was like what? so this manga was really the one who got me into yaoi. Another of my favorites is Loveless. Anyway here's the cover of the first volume....I suggest reading it. Its very different and interesting.

    Dear Dinah...

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    Re: Earthian

    As if anyone can tell those are both men without reading the book ~_~;

    Earthian is as tame as it comes. It's actually a hard sell to call it "yaoi" by ANY definition (the American one or the Japanese one). It's shoujo. It was published by Wings, a comic label aimed at high school girls with no specialization in same-sex romances. It does have some homosexual themes, but the characters don't sleep together on the pages themselves, and spend five volumes deciding whether they're even going to be together.

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