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Thread: A Falling Out With Furuba A.K.A Fruits Basket

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    A Falling Out With Furuba A.K.A Fruits Basket

    Hello everyone! Ok, I have been sticking with the manga series Fruits Basket for a while now and I used to love it. When I started it I thought that it was one of the best manga I had ever read. It was a series full of back breaking comedy and deeply emotional moments. It definitely seemed like a series that you didn’t want to miss. But as the series has progressed I have had a falling out. I think it started when the artwork seemed to change. In the first few volumes, I was a big fan of the artwork but then it changed for some reason and now the characters head remind me a little of eggs.

    And then they started making the releases of the volumes slower. Changing it from having to wait two or three months, to half a year, and then to more than a year. Now, I’m a patient person but I do have a limit.

    And then the plot twisted out of control. Like it couldn’t stay on one thing. The romance comedy I had come to love had changed into some morbid story of angst. Not to say that I don’t like my angst but the amount they were using in the volumes seemed so different from the previous that it seemed completely out of place. It literally seemed like the manga was being written by the same author. It was an extreme turn off for me. And now I’m not even reading it anymore and reading other manga.

    So there is my explanation to why I have tired of Furuba. I can’t enjoy it anymore. I was wondering if anyone else has had a falling out with the series as I have. And if you have please explain why. And if you haven’t then what has kept you interested in the series?

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    Re: A Falling Out With Furuba A.K.A Fruits Basket

    Well, I don't know about Fruits Basket, but I have fallen out with Inuyasha and a bit with D. N Angel. Sometimes, after you read a lot of different manga, then go back to a manga you used to like, it feels weird. About Natsuki Takaya's art changing, she mentioned that she had broken her wrist and it was harder to draw/write. But I agree that Furuba has been getting a little angsty...
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    Re: A Falling Out With Furuba A.K.A Fruits Basket

    Yes'm I have fallen out of inuyasha too!

    And I am still into Fruba, because all the twists and turns is what keeps me interested, right now i am on manga vol number 17, and i still like it, but i wish they would have made more to the anime series, but oh well!
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    Re: A Falling Out With Furuba A.K.A Fruits Basket

    I didnt read the manga really.
    I don't like to read all that much only if im really interested.
    To keep me into it was the dvds.
    In one dvd it would stop at the most important part so i coudnt wait to get the next dvd.
    I really didnt read it because it looked kinda boring.
    The i saw it at Hastings (the dvd) and got it and loved it.

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    Talking Re: A Falling Out With Furuba A.K.A Fruits Basket

    OMG! I ahve the whole collection of Fruits Basket and I just think it's brilliant! Other then fruits basket I also own xxxholic and cardcaptor sakura and much more. What would you say is your other favorite?

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