Well, four dragons in FAIRY Tail. 1.INGEEL 2.METALICANA 3. GRANDEENEY 4. Acnologia

Which one is more awesome? I make a conclusion about a controversy, which we debate on the FaceBook of MANGAHERE. There are some different opinions.
The fire dragon, the iron dragon, the sky dragon, and the black dragon of the apocalypse dragon, all of them are awesome.

But when referring the power and the magic they owns. Well, Most of people think INGEEL & ACONLOGIA are awesome. But it?s different to distinguish which one is more awesome.

The FIRE Vs BLACK!!!!!!

Somebody consider INGEEL is more awesome, for he is a pure dragon, and he showed his powerful magic so far, and no one can beat him off.
and some peoper perfer ACONLOGIA to INGEEL. for Aconlogia is so cool!!!he is the Apocalypse!

While some guys think metalica because he is the one we know the least.

And some guys think grandeeneey. Because she likes people!

Yeah, in my opinion, I think the black dragon: ACONLOGIA is the more awesome than others, even including INGEEL.

Though INGEEL looked more awesome in his appearance, and did it. But when compared to ACONLOGIA, I still consider that INGEEL is a little weak than ACONLOGIA. In my mind, I think the black is an awesome thing, and it?s a cool color. And in fairy tail, the black dragon, cause all the members of FAIRY TAIL get together to fight to it.

Maybe what I said would cause INGEEL?s fans refuted, but I really like ACONLOGIA. for his first appearance, in fairy tail 166! Well, at that time, I seemed addicted by his power! well ,looking forward more plots about the black dragon in the latest manga release.