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Thread: Fruits Basket: Who do you like?

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    Re: Fruits Basket: Who do you like?

    Well, my favorite character is Kureno Souma, because he is the quite sturdy one, and he is not one of the main characters who get a lot of time in the manga.

    Least favorite would have to be no one, they all have their parts to play, even Akito and their reasons for being who they are.

    I've read the series so I cannot say who she ends up with, but even if you haven't finished there are some clues along the way.

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    Re: Fruits Basket: Who do you like?

    Favorite Character:

    Tie between Kyo and Yuki.


    They both are the ultimate duo. Yuki gets to kick Kyo in the face, and Kyo get's to do all this 'learning' about life and being around others.

    Least favorite?

    Hiro, when he's all annoying and a little *asterd to Tohru. Then he gets to be cool later on.

    As for who Tohru will end up with..

    I know by the mouths of those who would spoil and wont spoil it here.

    "Walk in with Reason, and leave with Passion."

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    Re: Fruits Basket: Who do you like?

    my favourite characters are ayame,shigure and hatori sohma because they are very funnny,cute and kind.and i like momiji he's cute and kawai but i dislike tohru.

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