And human peak before they compete, kobe 6 for sale how adiZero Rose 1.5 can we not consider a little further? If only looked at this, I am afraid that in the future will be to go beyond. "The Feng Luo short smiles" seems like I had to buy a soul class Arcane early practice, successful practice is to wait, to control the Zerg Brood. '

Dylan's face lit up, smiling praise nodded: "His Royal Highness strategy too far, Dylan admire, and other future Royal Highness has Zerg Brood, came up with the Zerg sector master Legion ... Gee, His Royal Highness, that I may be waiting for that day . "

"......" Luo Feng laughed.

own can already excel the third tier million heart control the soul of Arcane, also control the Zerg Brood, once nike kd iv to get enough circles the main pinnacle Zerg corpses, to begin the construction of the main Zerg sector Legion!
the main Legion
"sector in the hand, border the main stage battles in lebron 9 shoes on sale the universe of life and death, you can go to some of the danger of battles." Luo Feng looking forward to.

meteorite ink asterisk spacecraft is constantly advancing in a dark universe.

Feng Luo leave Earth's first nine months, the virtual universe, Black Dragon mountain island Jiuxing Bay.

Luo Feng, Hung, Raytheon trio sat around the table.

"some time ago to find Big Brother you are fundamentally linked on Luo Feng porting teapot poured tea for three teacups, amber tea into thread, into the teacup," seems to be the big brother Close a network message to receive? "

"third son, kobe elite 7 you do not mention Big Brother. hundred years I find you, find a few?" the next white robe bald Raytheon Link Road, "will you back Jiuxing Bay that a few times, you meet me Other When I find you, you are always close the network message to accept. eldest brother is also this century, I am on a

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