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Thread: i forgot..........

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    Exclamation i forgot..........

    Hey everyone.I was hoping that someone could help me.There are a couple of mangas that i've read and want to continue reading but the problem is,i'v forgotten the names.I tried to search every category but i just can't find them.
    So im going to write what the manga is about and if anyone knows what its name is, please tell me!!! (I'm begging you.)

    1st manga: This manga was among the top 10 in mangafox about 2 months ago.Its about a girl who dresses up as a boy because the Black Knight can only be a boy.Her older brother was actually supposed to be the Black knight but he died trying to protect Ren-sama(the person the Black Knight protects).There are twelve other knights who also want to be the Black Knight.For them to become one,however, they must challenge the current Black knight and win.The twelve Knights wear white gloves and if they challenge the black glove(the Black knight) she has to accept no matter what.She cannot decline or will risk losing her position.
    So basically the manga is about her and how Ren-sama'a fiance finds out she's a girl and how she defeats the other twelve knights.

    2nd manga:This one is about a girl who,for some reason is in a million yen debt to a boy whose mother/father married and became a billionaire.She thinks that now that he has so much money,he will forgive and forget about the debt but he does not.So every month she is forced to give all the money she earns in part-time jobs to him.In school, they have no direct contact with each other and he has told her not to meet him or talk about him to anyone else.
    One day, she comes to him with no money so he decides that she will work for him in his mansion as his maid.At first she refuses but upon hearing that he is willing to pay a huge sum to hire her, she agrees;and she also agrees to make lunch for him everyday so that he will not take interest.(he is actually in love with her and loves to know that he can control her.)
    Well, that's pretty much all i've read becoz that's all that was released at that time.

    3rd Manga:It is again about a girl who dresses up like a boy and charms girls because she can't stand boys.Her mother, sick and tired of her dating girls, enrolls her into an all boys school.The son of someone very powerful helps her mother so all the teachers know that there is a girl dressed as a boy in a boys' school.
    The girl is very shocked to find not even a single girl there.She hates boys so much that on her very first day, in her very first class, she faints.She wakes up to find a boy that looks like a girl (the son).From then on, she becomes friends whom everyone stays away from; the scary looking guy who actually loves a famous, girl-y , japenese rabbit cartoon and the son who uses his authority as he likes.
    There's more to the manga but, again, that's all i've read.These aren't famous mangas so if anyone could help me, i would really appreciate it.

    Thankyou for taking time to read this,
    (oh and if anyone knows any other good manga in which the boy and the girl hate each other but end up falling in love, PLEASE SUGGEST IT TO ME!!!!!!!!!!) is there anyway i can read skip beat without downloading it or reading it online?
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    Re: i forgot..........

    could someone pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease reply???????????

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