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Thread: Immortal Rain

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    Immortal Rain

    A friend of mine recommended this one to me.

    To summarize: A young female assassin named Machika swears to kill the one bounty her grandfather couldn't get: the immortal Methuselah. But when she goes after him, she finds a clumsy, kind man named Rain who has lost more than he can bear in his unnatural lifetime. Unwilling to admit at first that she likes him, Machika willingly follows him as he waits for the one who made him immortal, still swearing to take his life one day. Their love for each other grows as they battle bounty hunters, a mysterious organization, and angels in order to save Rain and perhaps even humanity. (site: Wikipedia)

    Before I pick it up, I would like to ask if anyone has read it, and what did you think of it?

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    Re: Immortal Rain

    no i ant say that i have! But hey it sounds good and if you dont like it then it was a lost cause you dont always get the good ones, and diferent people have different prefferences
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    Re: Immortal Rain

    Yea I was the one who recommended it.. It is really really good! I read the second one and it just gets better and better. I like scream!! It's just that good! If you want anymore information I can give it to you.

    It is an action story, but it is also quite romantic.
    Thank you Lasura!
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