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Thread: Incomplete Manga

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    Incomplete Manga

    Ok, you read an awsome story, with a great plot, unique characters, and you read it in about 15 minutes and cant wait for the next one...but the next one never comes out because it's incomplete and died out a few years ago over in Japan or Korea or the author/artisit just got lazy and dropped it...

    Now i've read a few like that (Ragnarok, D.N.Angel, and possibly Loveless) and wonder why the hell they even release them into the U.S. when its never going ot be completed? Perhaps to fill there own wallets or maybe they actually believe it will be completed over time...-__- I dont know or get it...

    But has this ever happened to anyone else?
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    Re: Incomplete Manga

    yeah i know what u mean... i don't know why they do it... maybe its like a test to see if its sells...its the same with some animes.... twelve kingdoms was never finished and i was looking forward to that series.

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    Re: Incomplete Manga

    I feel the same. I found far to many like that it's not funny. The same goes for anime. For most of them, I believe the companies are responseble for releasing them is to blame. They figure it's not selling as well as they had hoped and just drop it, but I also believe that the authors leave us hanging
    so that we can use our imaginations to fill in the rest of the story. That just my point of view.

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    Re: Incomplete Manga

    Yes I hate it when this happens, it is always very obnoxious. But remember sometimes the fans don't keep up there end of the bargain. We may say more please, but don't buy it when it comes out. We borrow and swap anime and manga all the time. By the way remember this next time you get ahold of an anime other than by legitimate means. You may be hindering the medium you so love.

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    Re: Incomplete Manga

    I don't read manga, but this has happened to me in anime. with an anime called "Kaze No Stigma". The ending was open ended and there had to be something that closed the end... but nothing. Apparently the author of the original story got ill and couldn't finish the story, which is a different case than most of you. I know of some other ones but I can't remember the name...

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    Re: Incomplete Manga

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    I think the most famous (or infamous) series that was halted incomplete would be X 1999 which was the core series created by CLAMP. It's not that CLAMP decided to end the series. What happened was that the series was becoming too bloody and violent for the publisher, who decided to halt the series... There is hope that the series may someday transfer to a different publisher and continue the story, but so far, nothing has happened...
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