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Thread: Infamous Manga

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    Infamous Manga

    Okay, I tend to read manga that NOBODY knows about, I'm just wondering if anyone else has heard of (or read) any of the following manga.

    -Hibiki's Magic
    -Wild Ones
    -Azu Manga Daioh
    -Pixie Pop
    -Shinobi Life
    -Kasumi (The manga, NOT the famous DOA character)
    -Nightmare Inspector

    I don't nessecarily know why exactly I'm asking, but I was just wondering I guess...

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    Re: Infamous Manga

    ah hi...
    Yeah I've read Wild Ones..
    But it's my first book of it...
    So the rest still have to come...
    I like the story so much humour...
    And emotions too...
    We are affraid of losing controle...But why should you be affraid of losing it...While you didnt have it...

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    Re: Infamous Manga

    I've read Pixie Pop, Wild Ons, and I think Shinobi Life, i can't remember. I've read to many Manga and Anime's!!! (lol) But i have a question. Have you read Tokyo Mew Mew??

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    Re: Infamous Manga

    I don't think "infamous" is the right word, because that normally means bad.

    But I've heard of Azu Mangah Daio (or however you spell it) but never actually picked up a copy.

    Two that i read that not a lot of people know about are:
    Suzuka by Kouji Seo
    My Heavenly Hockey Club by Ai Morinaga

    Not too many people i know of know these two, but if you like romance/sports mangas, Suzuka is good.

    For a more humorous "wtf" kinda manga, go for MHHC.
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